3.2. Web

3.2.1. Launching the installer

upsilon-web will automatically launch the web installer if it cannot find a config.php file. This happens when upsilon-web is initially installed (or it’s config file has been deleted).

This is what the upsilon-web installer looks like;

web installer firststart

3.2.2. System tests

Various common tests will run to check that upsilon-web can be installed correctly. Everything should be green with a PASS in order to continue.

Most of these issues require additional packages to be installed, for example the pdoAvailable check can be fixed by doing yum install php-pdo on some systems.

3.2.3. Generate config.php


When all the system tests have passed, you need to then configure the database connection.

Field Example Description



See http://php.net/manual/en/pdo.construct.php for more information.

Database user


The username of the user that the web interface will use to connect to the database.

Database pass


The password for your database username.

In some environments like OpenShift the username and password can be automatically completed for you as shown below. In other cases, you must specify the username and password of an existing MySQL user, or use the root user.
web installer database

Common Issues

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First administrator

The default first admin is admin, but you can change that here and set a password that you like as well. Additional administrators can be configured later too.

web installer admin